Harry Potter & The Magical Popcorn

 Warning – Spoiler Alert: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II. If you do not know what happens, do not read this blog.

This past weekend we went to see the final Harry Potter movie. We all had read the books so we knew what was going to happen. Snape was good. Voldemort dies. And Harry Potter wins. All is right with the wizarding world. And all was right with my tummy. Why?

Because it was full of delicious popcorn, red vines, and a coke icee, which is what I always get when we go to the movies. Thankfully, AMC theatres are vegan-friendly.

My favorite movies of all time are the Phantom Menace (Star Wars), Harry Potter & The Sorceror’s Stone, Megamind, Elf, and Ratatouille. But I’ll see just about anything if it means popcorn, red vines, and a Coke Icee.

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