Mmmm Donuts…

The chocolate glazed donut from Ronald’s donuts in Las Vegas is a masterpiece. A magnificent work of art. And it’s vegan. (In fact, it is time for the Louvre to put away the Mona Lisa because we need the space.) But beware the vegan health police who will admonish you for promoting “junk” food.

A friendly reminder: A vegan does not have to eat only traditional “health” foods. A vegan can eat what is by and large the traditional American diet, only the food is made from plants, not animals. Quinoa? Spelt? Kamut? No thanks! But tell most Americans how to make a vegan Jello salad or “tuna” melt, and now you’re talking!

Contrary to what most people think about how vegans eat, there is no requirement you soak beans for three hours, make things from scratch, shun all processed foods, and eat mostly vegetables. There are only four rules to being vegan: 1. no meat, 2. no eggs, 3, no dairy, 4. no honey. Everything else is a matter of taste, including donuts.

Mmmm donuts….

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