Who Cares What the Aztecs Ate!

There are only four rules to being vegan:

  1. No meat
  2. No eggs
  3. No dairy
  4. No honey

Everything else is a matter of taste. But you wouldn’t know that if you read many vegan cookbooks or checked out many vegan blogs. You would think you’d have to give up donuts for “apricot energy bars,” mashed potatoes with gravy for “seaweed salad,” or chocolate ice cream for “raw poppyseed cake.” You don’t. And while we welcome anyone who wants to eat vegan, including those with or without gluten-intolerance, “gluten-free” has nothing–absolutely nothing–to do with being vegan, any more than it has to do with not being vegan.

The number one reason people embrace veganism is out of concern for animals. The more we make it easy, convenient, familiar, and delicious to be vegan, the more they are likely to succeed. That means the food should look familiar, sound familiar, and taste familiar. And that means white flour and all the goodies we can make with it, substituting soymilk or soy cream for cow’s milk, margarine for butter, and egg-replacer for eggs. And that also means no more equating veganism with amaranth, quinoa, spelt, kamut, and other exotic, unfamiliar grains from ancient (and non-vegan!) civilizations that make what is very straightforward, easy, and delicious seem complicated, foreign, and a downright chore.

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