A Taste of Tomorrow, Today

Build it and they will come. The young and the old. The jet setting socialite and the hard working tradesman. They will come from near and far. And they will taste it. And they will see that it is good. So good in fact, that they will keep coming. Soon you will be building more. And even more will come. Within a few years, you’ll have seven of them and plans to go national.

This is the story of Veggie Grill, a Southern California fast food vegan restaurant chain, that is quite possibly, the best vegan food anywhere, ever. We do not make the claim lightly. We’ve eaten at vegan restaurants all over the United States and all over Europe. We’ve eaten at vegan restaurants in Australia and New Zealand. We’ve eaten at fancy ones (“Why yes, I think I will have another glass of wine, darling”) and we’ve eaten at ones on the edge of being condemned by health departments (“That was a caper, wasn’t it? wasn’t it?”). And we’ve loved many of them. In fact, Nathan once begged me to move to Tucson, just for a restaurant. But then we glimpsed the future, much closer to home. A future that came in a bun smothered in a secret sauce, with optional avocado and a side of onion rings. With faux burgers, chickin’ sandwiches, buffalo wings, and fries, nobody does it better than Veggie Grill. Like their motto says, taste and believe!

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