Just Like Bubbie Used to Make

If your bubbie rocked the Whisky! Nathan grew up in West Hollywood and I grew up in Orange County. Although we were less than 60 miles apart, we basically grew up on different planets. My semi-annual mecca to Melrose Avenue to shop at Vinyl Fetish and Retail Slut were the highlight of my high school […]

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The Frugal Vegan

No question, natural food stores have the best selection of ready-made vegan foods. But although packaged foods make being vegan easy and convenient, they can also add to the cost. That is why our cookbook, All American Vegan, gives you options. Every recipe in our cookbook can be made from scratch, which will save you […]

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Candygram? Yes, please. The Natural Candy Store* has just announced two new vegan gift baskets, one for the chocoholic and one for the sweet toothasaur. For your favorite vegan chocoholic: Vegan candy bars gift box: Chocolatey, caramely, crispy, crunchy, nutty—satisfy every vegan craving with this amazing collection of candy bars. The perfect vegan gift! Contains: […]

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Hodo Soy Remains Defiant

Vows to Keep Cruel Glue Traps Yesterday we released a blog calling for a boycott of Hodo Soy Beanery until they remove sticky glue traps from their facility. After being inundated with comments on their Facebook page about the issue, and after realizing that their efforts to delete those comments were futile as others simply […]

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Tofu Shouldn’t Hurt

It had all makings of a perfect outing for a vegan, homeschooling family like ours. The trip to the local tofu factory promised to be fun and educational, with plenty of photo-ops and information that would make for great blogging when it was over. But it wasn’t fun. And while it was an education and […]

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“A Pleasure to Read”

San Francisco Book Review gives All American Vegan 5 out of 5 stars in its latest issue, it’s highest rating: For anyone who has thoughts about switching to a vegan diet this book is compulsory reading material. Illustrated with full-color comic strip-like, very humorous drawings, and equally entertaining, sometimes hilarious text, this book is a […]

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Get To Know Our Website

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Scrambled No Eggs

From the pages of All American Vegan, this could be your breakfast: scrambled no eggs.* Or you could choose danishes, glazed donuts, peanut butter coffee cake, pancakes, French toast, or cinnamon rolls. That’s just a small sampling of the over 90 recipes for traditional American favorites in the book. Click here to buy now in hardcover or as […]

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A Piece of Cake

With plummeting stock markets, a shrinking middle class, unending wars, and an entrenched government unwilling to fix our nation’s most pressing problems, we sometimes need to escape. And when we get to feeling this way, there is only one destination: a place where life is less complicated and where everything turns out fine because Sheriff […]

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Intercepted by Vegan Warlords?

President Bill Clinton’s passion for fast food was a running joke throughout the 1990s. One of our favorite Saturday Night Live skits was one in which Phil Hartman did an imitation of the President taking a “jogging” break by stopping off for a quick public meet-and-greet at the local McDonalds, where he finds excuse after […]

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