A Piece of Cake

With plummeting stock markets, a shrinking middle class, unending wars, and an entrenched government unwilling to fix our nation’s most pressing problems, we sometimes need to escape. And when we get to feeling this way, there is only one destination: a place where life is less complicated and where everything turns out fine because Sheriff Andy Taylor is in charge. Mayberry, USA.

We can’t give you friendly neighbors, a slower pace, or the hope and optimism of post World War II America. But we can give you a tiny taste of that by-gone world, improved by the passage of time because now, it’s vegan! And so light, delicious, moist, and fluffy that we know Aunt Bee would approve.

Vegan Baking: It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3

  1. Start with Dr. Oetker’s cake mix (in chocolate, vanilla, and marble flavors) available at natural food stores. Follow the package directions, substituting Ener-G brand egg replacer for eggs and soymilk for milk. Although a vegetable oil will work just fine, for extra yum we prefer to use melted Earth Balance margarine for the required oil.
  2. To make frosting, choose Dr. Oetker’s icing mix, available in vanilla and chocolate, substituting Earth Balance margarine for butter, and non-dairy soymilk or soy creamer for milk.
  3. Top it all off with Let’s Do Organic Sprinklez, available in chocolate, confetti and carnival varieties.

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