Will’s Top 10 Treats


I’m Willoughby and I am 11 years old. My sister Riley is 15. We’ve been vegans since birth. My sister and I will be writing about our favorite vegan things. This is a blog for kids by kids. And these are my top 10 vegan treats.



Amici’s Pizza serves pizzas made with Daiya vegan cheese that are very delicious! One of their locations is across the street from Giants Stadium (Go Giants!). Sometimes we go there before or after a ball game. And my parents let me get a root beer to go with it. It’s my favorite pizza in the whole world!


I love to chew gum. But, unfortunately, it’s hard to know which chewing gums are vegan. Gum companies don’t list their ingredients, and they can be from animals. So what’s a vegan gum lover like me to do? I ask my parents to order me vegan chewing gum like B-fresh from an online vegan store. B-Fresh comes in several flavors: fruit, cinnamon, lemon, spearmint, and best of all, bubble gum!


Source is a vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco that has very delicious desserts. Apparently, many of them are supposed to be like popular non-vegan foods that I am not really familiar with, like Twinkies and, according to my parents, something called a “Ding Dong”. It doesn’t really matter much to me what they are supposed to be like, because what they are like is good enough for me. My favorite is the Heavenly Dog. It’s a piece of vanilla cake, stuffed with cream filling, covered in chocolate and drizzled with white stripes. It’s really good.


Whenever my mom makes cookies, my sister and I love them best before they are cooked. Since we do not put eggs in our cookies, my mom said that we can eat them raw without getting sick. Thankfully I am vegan and I can eat all the raw cookie dough I want, or at least all the cookie dough that my parents will let me. And my favorite chocolate chip cookie is from the recipe in my parents’ cookbook, All American Vegan.


Sorry, but the very best hot dog in the world is only available during baseball season. It’s the vegan veggie dog at Giants Stadium. I LOVE it! When I’m not at the ball park or it’s not baseball season, I go with the next best thing: a Smart Dog in a Rudi’s white hot dog bun. It’s not a grand slam like the veggie dog at Giants stadium, but it’s still a homerun!


Believe it or not, some sodas are not vegan. Thankfully, my favorite soda is. Virgil’s is the BEST root beer in the world. Taste it and you will see why.


There are a lot of great things about home schooling: spending all day in your pajamas, no bullies, being the teacher’s pet. But being dragged to museum after museum is not one of them. My parents know this, which is why they bribe me. And when we go to the de Young Museum in San Francisco, they have discovered that the easiest way to win me over is to offer me what I consider to be its greatest masterpiece: the vegan french fries at the de Young cafe. I don’t know what they do to them, but they are truly works of art.


There are a lot of vegans in my family. My cousins Casey and Lucas decided to go vegan 5 years ago, after my Aunt Rachel decided to go vegan and told them where meat comes from. My Dad always talks about how when he told Lucas that he thought is was great that he became a vegan, my four-year-old cousin looked up at him with eyes wide open and said with horror in his voice, “There’s chickens in those chicken nuggets!” Thankfully for us and for chickens, that isn’t always true! Gardein makes chicken-free nuggets called Crispy Tenders that are a favorite at my house. Dipped in Vegenaise or ketchup, they are wonderful!


Carmine is an artifical red dye that can be found in some candy and is made from ground-up cochineal beetles. In the past when I used to tell people about this, they would always respond in the same way, by saying, “Gross!” It is gross, but I think the most obvious thing about it is that it is just plain mean. Then my mom told me that sometimes you need to pay attention to the way you tell people things about what happens to animals or insects. So now when I tell people about where carmine comes from, I start out by saying, “It’s so sad what they do to the beetles…” Usually, they get a sad look on their face and say something like, “Oh, that is sad.” I always feel good when they respond that way. But what does that have to do with Red Vines? Nothing! Because while Red Vines are red, it is not because of beetles! And since you can buy Red Vines pretty much anywhere, they are also the most convenient vegan candy there is. So get yourself a tub and dig in.

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