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Increasing awareness about the toxicity and cruelty of some ingredients used in the production of traditional make-ups, as well as the cruel testing of those products animals are subjected to, has meant an explosion in cruelty-free, natural, and vegan or mostly vegan cosmetic companies, such as Ecco Bella, Beauty Without Cruelty, Gabriel, and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. At the same time, increasing public recognition of veganism has motivated many traditional cosmetic companies to cater to the needs of our growing market sector as well. Urban Decay, one of the most popular cosmetic companies for young women, has an entire section of their website devoted to vegan products, making their identification quick and easy; while a search of the word “vegan” on the Sephora website retrieves pages of vegan cosmetics from a variety of companies.  Although I confess there was a time when limited choice had me using lipstick for blush, eyeliner for lip pencil and mixing three different shades of lipstick to get the perfect color unavailable in a ready-made vegan version, those days are thankfully gone. Today, there is simply no cosmetic that you can’t find in a high-quality, vegan version—from pencils to define your brow and liquid liner to frame your eyes, to bronzer to give your cheeks a dappled, sun-kissed glow, and soft, fluffy 100% animal free brushes to apply it all. The choice is endless, but here are a few of my favorite things.

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