The French Fry Detective

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Sometimes you’re hungry and there are no vegan restaurants around. So you go and eat at a restaurant that is mean to animals. What’s a vegan to do? If they have vegan options, shouldn’t we support them? It’s a connendrum, conenadrum, a pickle. The Counter is one of those restaurants. They sell cows in a bun. It’s mean. But they also sell veggie burgers. The burger is vegan only, weirdly, the bun isn’t. So I got fries. I love fries. And I am on the trail of the perfect French fry.

The Counter’s fries are thin, the way I like them. They are also crispy and not too greasy, with lots of salt. Delicious. They also add some other spices, which are really good. The small fries are not enough. The large fries are perfect. I give them five out of five stars. Only I’m taking away a star for being mean to cows.

The investigation_Layout 1_0001


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