A Free Vegan Guide For Grandma


Are you a vegan who dreads spending another holiday at Grandma’s house eating salad or plain pasta? Or are you a non-vegan hosting a holiday celebration who is at a loss about how to feed the vegan you have invited? If so, then The Proper Care and Feeding of Vegans: A Handbook for Non-Vegans is just what you need!

This guide has it all: how to use substitution to veganize any recipe, meal planning tips, shopping advice and suggested meat, egg and dairy alternatives. Fun, engaging and friendly, this guide helps non-vegans easily accommodate the vegan in their life. A publication of All American Vegan’s campaign, Vegan America!, it is available for free at allamericanvegan.com. And while you’re there, check out our other helpful guides as well.

To download the guide, click here.

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