A Memorial Day Feast

All American Vegan-style Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer. But we’re not ready to give up monster portions of delicious food so we can develop our summer beach bodies. It’s time for one last fling. Recipes for fried no chicken, apple pie, potato salad, coleslaw, vanilla ice cream, and gel-oh! parfait are in the book. Product recommendations for hot dogs, potato chips, soda pop, and if you’d rather buy than make/bake, ice cream and apple pie are on our website. Happy humane eating! And let freedom ring…. for all of us!   —— Buy the book: All American Vegan Join the discussion: Read More

ASPCA Donates to Kill Chickens

The ASPCA defends animal shelters that kill animals despite readily available lifesaving alternatives. The ASPCA itself sends animals to their deaths at the city pound where it is located. When animal lovers try to reform their high-kill shelters, the ASPCA often fights them, siding with those who neglect, abuse, and kill animals in shelters. When activists in a Florida community complained that their local shelter killed despite empty cages, the ASPCA stepped in—not to help reform the shelter—but to use donor funds to buy them a new table on which to kill animals. And when legislation is introduced to stop Read More