Declare Your Independence

As much as these words from the Declaration of Independence have shaped American history, they will continue to shape its future. Because while the war for political independence they sparked may be long over, the battles for liberation which they continue to inspire are not. There are still billions of beings who do not yet have the rights we demand and accept as “unalienable” for ourselves. There are still billions of beings who—though they may differ from us in some ways—share the things which, as the Declaration proclaims, are the things that matter most: the desire to live, to be free, and to be happy. In these significant ways, humans and non-human animals are identical.

It is time to declare your independence from animal foods and to celebrate with our all vegan, all American 4th of July feast featuring delicious fried no chicken, hot dogs, biscuits, potato salad, coleslaw, soda pop and potato chips. And for dessert, strawberry “jello” parfait and, of course, apple pie a la mode.

Recipes for fried no chicken, apple pie, potato salad, coleslaw, vanilla ice cream, and gel-oh! parfait are in the book. Product recommendations for hot dogs, potato chips, soda pop, and if you’d rather buy than make/bake, ice cream and apple pie are on our website. Happy humane eating! And let freedom ring…. for all of us!


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