HSUS: Raising Animals to Slit Their Throats Is the “Most Noble Employment of Man.”

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The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Agrees: Raising Animals to Slit Their Throats Is the “Most Noble Employment of Man.”

Niman Ranch is a company located in the San Francisco Bay Area which raises cows, lambs and birds in order to kill them and sell their bodies for a profit. Revenue for the company is approaching a hundred million dollars. That’s a lot of dead animals, animals killed against their will, animals killed far short of their natural lifespan, and animals killed in violation of their most basic and fundamental right to go on living.

But that doesn’t stop HSUS from celebrating them on their “Farmer Outreach” facebook page, a page dedicated to praising the actions of people throughout the country who themselves not only deprive animals of their right to life, but in the process subject them to suffering resulting from physical mutilation, social deprivation and reproductive manipulation. But rather than represent the rights of these exploited beings, rather than working to educate the American public that a vegan diet is the only diet consistent with respect and regard for the rights of animals, the nation’s largest so-called “animal protection” group, HSUS, furthers the lie that is at the heart of so much suffering and death: that killing an animal can ever be “humane.” And not only do they grant such animals killers the political cover necessary to perpetuate and profit from this lie, they celebrate it. Visit HSUS’ Farmer Outreach page to see HSUS’ reposting of Niman Ranch’s poster calling what they do – raising hundreds of thousands of Earthlings every year in order to slit their throats – “the most noble employment of man.”


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