Vegan Fishless Filets

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Our home is a vegan one, made up of a vegan mother and father and two vegan-since birth teenagers. So, of course, the food served in our home is always, vegan, too. And while there are many vegans on both sides of our extended families, there are, alas, a few meat eaters, too.

Hence, there is a rule in our family (instituted, obviously, by the vegan majority) that whenever we eat together as a family, whether we go out or we eat in, everyone eats vegan. For the most part the outnumbered meat-eaters in the family are good sports about this arrangement. If they grumble, we remind them that their compliance is nothing less than ethics demand, and they smile, suck it up, and eat vegan.

The only one who has ever had the chutzpah to express real discontent is Nathan’s father, Izzy. Over 90 and hard of hearing, he is often befuddled as to why, exactly, we eat the way we do. “No fish? What’s wrong with fish?” he exclaims in astonishment every time we explain that they are “off menu.” But since he can barely hear and refuses to wear a hearing aid, the next ten minutes are spent speaking louder and louder, with us trying to explain why and he simply repeating the word “What?” until it sounds like we are yelling and our cat Kenny bolts behind the couch.

Now, we just deep fry a batch of Gardein’s Fishless fillets, whip up a batch of homemade tartar sauce from our cookbook, and serve them with a side of French fries. Izzy gobbles them down, there is peace at the dinner table, and no animals are harmed or frightened during the course of the meal.

Gardein Fishless Filets: Izzy and Kenny approved.


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