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5 out of 5 stars. For anyone who has thoughts about switching to a vegan diet this book is compulsory reading material. Illustrated with full-color comic strip-like, very humorous drawings, and equally entertaining, sometimes hilarious text, this book is a pleasure to read… The eight-page cartoon-like “Important Moments in Vegan History” is hilarious. This is followed by the recipes neatly divided into Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner, Sides and Desserts while a special eight-recipe section of Vegan Thanksgiving helps you plan this most important American culinary event of the year, complete with a picture of a turkey holding up a large sign “Thank You!”

 —San Francisco Book Review

Fast food fans will find plenty to tempt their palates… vegan substitutes are quick, easy and irresistible.

Contra Costa Times

5 out of 5 stars. “All American Vegan” is a guide to animal-free cooking that manages to be your standard American cooking. Just without that meat stuff. Emphasizing the power of substitution and that going vegan is easier when a meat eater can keep eating their favorite foods, the authors offer plenty of typical vegan food that is far from what is associated with the bizarre and foreign things often thumped by hippies and what comes to mind when one thinks vegan. “All American Vegan” is filled with dishes of every sort of traditional American cuisine, plenty of vegan thought and opinion, and arguments why you should become vegan, worth considering for anyone trying to make the leap to veganism.

Midwest Book Review

This is a truly wonderful cook book and if you’re new to the vegan diet, I could’t think of a better place to start. It’s the kind of cookbook that makes you look at the food you just prepared and ponder “But wasn’t this what I was eating before?” The recipes are the kind that you’d serve either because you want to eat comfort food, the type of meals you ate in your omnivore days, just sans the meat/eggs/dairy/and cholesterol, or because you have a pack of omnivores coming over and you’d rather serve them a Reuben Sandwich with Potato salad (recipes found in the book) instead of explaining to them that they are about to eat “Stewed Tofu in Miso gravy” (Uh, not found in this book). I have to say, it’s nice to have a cookbook that doesn’t require me to add an additional shelf to my spice cabinet or schlep myself to Whole Foods for every recipe to find some arcane ingredient. The book also has a lot of information that’d be really useful to the incipient vegan and seasoned vegan alike. I should be a Good Vegan and say that you should read these portions because it humanizes the authors and helps you see why veganism is so crucial to animal welfare. But I’m going to be me (a decidedly Bad Vegan) and say that you should read these portions because they’re really, really, funny. It’s like Magic School Bus meets Veganism. You’re entertained while educated. Again, whether your cookbook shelf my be empty or near empty at this point or you’ve got more cookbooks than shelves, this bad boy deserves a spot.



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