The French Fry Detective

Sometimes you’re hungry and there are no vegan restaurants around. So you go and eat at a restaurant that is mean to animals. What’s a vegan to do? If they have vegan options, shouldn’t we support them? It’s a connendrum, conenadrum, a pickle. The Counter is one of those restaurants. They sell cows in a bun. It’s mean. But they also sell veggie burgers. The burger is vegan only, weirdly, the bun isn’t. So I got fries. I love fries. And I am on the trail of the perfect French fry. The Counter’s fries are thin, the way I like Read More

Will’s Top 10 Treats

I’m Willoughby and I am 11 years old. My sister Riley is 15. We’ve been vegans since birth. My sister and I will be writing about our favorite vegan things. This is a blog for kids by kids. And these are my top 10 vegan treats. Amici’s Pizza serves pizzas made with Daiya vegan cheese that are very delicious! One of their locations is across the street from Giants Stadium (Go Giants!). Sometimes we go there before or after a ball game. And my parents let me get a root beer to go with it. It’s my favorite pizza in Read More

Harry Potter & The Magical Popcorn

 Warning – Spoiler Alert: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II. If you do not know what happens, do not read this blog. This past weekend we went to see the final Harry Potter movie. We all had read the books so we knew what was going to happen. Snape was good. Voldemort dies. And Harry Potter wins. All is right with the wizarding world. And all was right with my tummy. Why? Because it was full of delicious popcorn, red vines, and a coke icee, which is what I always get when we go to the movies. Thankfully, Read More

Riley’s Top 10 Vegan Treats

I’m Riley and I am 15 years old. My brother Will is 11. We’ve been vegans since birth. And we are your typical American kids: we love pie, cake, cookies, donuts, and candy. Although our mom usually controls our sweets intake, all we have to do is ask our dad if it is ok and he usually says yes. That’s why we call him the King of Sweets. We get annoyed when he occasionally says “Go ask your mom” because we know what that means. Anyway, my brother and I will be writing about our favorite vegan things. This is Read More