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Our handy guides are friendly, accessible resources designed to help people make the switch to an animal-friendly diet, and to assist vegans and animal activists in working to veganize their own communities. They are available free for download, and we welcome their distribution by grassroots activists and vegetarian societies.


Is Grandma at a loss about how to cook now that you have sworn off animal products? Do friends invite you to restaurants that have no vegan options? Is your Easter basket empty? Or are you a non-vegan who is confused about how to feed the vegan in your life? If so, then “The Proper Care and Feeding of Vegans: A Handbook for Non-Vegans” is just what you need! This guidebook has it all: the art of vegan substitution, dining out vegan, and where to shop for vegan products. Designed to take the mystery out of veganism, it will help non-vegans easily accommodate the vegan in their life.


The easiest way to become vegan is to make the transition as familiar as possible—to “veganize” your favorite foods so that you can keep on eating them. You are more likely to sustain the switch to a vegan diet over the long term if you don’t have to give up the patterns of eating, cooking, and meal planning to which you have become accustomed. And today, more than ever, a vegan can eat what is by and large a conventional American diet, the menu you might find at your local diner, but in a totally animal-free way. “A Handy Guide to Vegan Substitution” shows you how.


From how to locate vegan and vegan-friendly eateries, to what to order at America’s chain and ethnic restaurants, “Dining Out Vegan” makes life easier for new vegans looking for a night on the town! (We also have a shortened two-page version for people on the go.)


Are the vegan dining options in your community limited? Do you settle for salad or plain noodles with olive oil when you go out to dine with your friends and family? Don’t wait for manna to magically fall from heaven. Call it down yourself. Distribute Vegan America’s guide “How to Feed a Vegan and Why Your Restaurant Should” to the restaurants in your town. With information on the economic benefits of offering tasty vegan options and an introduction to the art of vegan substitution, this guide provides traditional restaurants with the incentive and information necessary to modify their menu to accommodate vegan diners.
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Making vegan convenience foods accessible to the American public is an important step in getting more people to embrace a vegan diet. As activists, we should be working to ensure that grocery stores stock the latest and greatest vegan foods not only to make being vegan easier, but to showcase these foods to the great many Americans who don’t frequent natural food stores and are therefore not aware that these foods exist. “How to Feed a Vegan and Why Your Grocery Store Should” is designed to inspire managers and owners of conventional grocery stores to stock more vegan options. Explaining the limitations that prevent many vegans from shopping at their stores, the economic benefits of stocking more vegan options, and information on which foods they should be selling, this guide is a helpful tool for activists working to “veganize” their community.


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