Down the Rabbit Hole

This past weekend we attended the World Veg Festival in San Francisco. Knowing that the festival draws an estimated 3,000 people each day, we were happy to be a part of what we thought would be an exciting event that would educate thousands of people about the vegan diet, arming them with the knowledge and tools they needed to succeed. Because it was located in Golden Gate Park and was open to the public, we also knew it would draw people who are not vegan but who happened to walk by. Here was an opportunity to reach not only thousands Read More

Hodo Soy Remains Defiant

Vows to Keep Cruel Glue Traps Yesterday we released a blog calling for a boycott of Hodo Soy Beanery until they remove sticky glue traps from their facility. After being inundated with comments on their Facebook page about the issue, and after realizing that their efforts to delete those comments were futile as others simply took their place, Hodo Soy finally responded. Not by promising to do the right thing and rid their facility of animal torture devices, but with a twofold strategy that defends the status quo: 1) obscure their requirements under the law and 2) claim to be Read More

Tofu Shouldn’t Hurt

It had all makings of a perfect outing for a vegan, homeschooling family like ours. The trip to the local tofu factory promised to be fun and educational, with plenty of photo-ops and information that would make for great blogging when it was over. But it wasn’t fun. And while it was an education and gave us plenty to write about, what we learned and what we must now report are not what we had in mind when we recently plunked down $40 for an hour long tour of Hodo Soy Beanery in West Oakland. The first things to greet Read More

“A Pleasure to Read”

San Francisco Book Review gives All American Vegan 5 out of 5 stars in its latest issue, it’s highest rating: For anyone who has thoughts about switching to a vegan diet this book is compulsory reading material. Illustrated with full-color comic strip-like, very humorous drawings, and equally entertaining, sometimes hilarious text, this book is a pleasure to read… The eight-page cartoon-like “Important Moments in Vegan History” is hilarious. This is followed by the recipes neatly divided into Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner, Sides and Desserts while a special eight-recipe section of Vegan Thanksgiving helps you plan this most important American culinary event of Read More

Supersize Me!

In a recently published article, “How Tofurky and Fake Bacon Actually Glorify Meat-Eating,” nationally syndicated columnist David Sirota, a vegetarian, imagines how he’ll reply to his son when his son is old enough to look in the vegetarian “meats” section of the grocery store and asks, “Why all the fake meats?” According to Sirota, “the vegetarian aisle… subliminally glorifies meat-eating.” He believes that “the message is downright subversive. It teaches [people] that as tasty as vegetarian food may be, it can never compete with the ‘real thing.’” And he fears that the message will be enough to “ultimately win out, Read More

Is It All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Enriched-cage design “creates an illusion of reform and only barely improves the quality of life for hens.” Fifteen years is “way too long to implement for even the most modest of space allotments.” –Kelly Peterson, Vice President of Field Services, HSUS, July 5, 2011. We’ve never been ones who embraced an “all or nothing” approach to social change, as all or nothing often means nothing for the animals. We applauded when Proposition 2 passed in California outlawing battery cages for chickens even though we’d like to see laws banning the eating of chickens. We support laws banning the gas chamber Read More

“Why Do Most Vegetarians Go Back to Eating Meat?”

The Psychology of Wasted Potential It has been estimated that for every vegetarian, there are three failed vegetarians. Why? A recent blog on the website of Psychology Today attempts to answer that question with an article entitled, “Why Do Most Vegetarians Go Back to Eating Meat?” After interviewing 77 failed vegetarians, the psychologist who wrote the blog explains that the top four reasons for falling off the wagon are: Poor health. Vegetarianism is a hassle. Craving for animal products. The social cost of being vegetarian is too high. It would be easy to write off the blog (which masquerades as Read More