A film by Nathan Winograd. Now available on DVD. Shelter killing is the leading cause of death of healthy dogs and cats in the United States. It doesn’t have to be. This is the story of animal sheltering, which was born of compassion and then lost its way. It is the story of the No Kill movement, which says we can and must stop the killing. It is about heroes and villains, betrayal and redemption. And it is about a social movement as noble and just as those that have come before. But most of all, it is a story Read More

Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar & Izakaya

San Francisco’s newest vegan restaurant is also the Bay Area’s best. In just a few months, it has already garnered over 100 five-star reviews on Yelp and after going there for the first time, we’ll add our own. We had given up vegan sushi because nori seaweed, the traditional, dark greed seaweed used for sushi rolls, is often germinated on old oyster shells. Oysters have nerve nets and feel pain so we didn’t want to support an industry which killed the oysters to supply their shells to the nori industry. But Shizen offers soybean paper wrapped sushi rolls instead of Read More

Is it Ethical to Eat Eggs or Dairy from Backyard Animals?

Down to Earth Advice from Four All American Vegans We are typical American family: Mom and Dad, teenaged daughter and a pre-teen son. We live in the burbs. We drive a mini-van. We eat white bread, love baseball and a good barbeque on the Fourth of July. To look at us, you’d never suspect that we are vegan, and that’s just the way we like it. Why? Because we are living proof that the stereotypes so often associated with veganism just aren’t true. Not only can you be a vegan and relate to the average American, you can be the Read More

Vegan Fishless Filets

Our home is a vegan one, made up of a vegan mother and father and two vegan-since birth teenagers. So, of course, the food served in our home is always, vegan, too. And while there are many vegans on both sides of our extended families, there are, alas, a few meat eaters, too. Hence, there is a rule in our family (instituted, obviously, by the vegan majority) that whenever we eat together as a family, whether we go out or we eat in, everyone eats vegan. For the most part the outnumbered meat-eaters in the family are good sports about Read More

Cauliflower Steak & Other Oxymorons

Not too long ago, an organization that promotes the vegan diet for ethical reasons admonished another non-profit which feeds homeless people steaks by correctly arguing that in trying to assist one group of individuals in need of a helping hand, they were hurting another. We couldn’t agree more. Why should helping people involve harming cows? It shouldn’t. But when the group was asked what should be fed to the homeless instead, the group suggested a “cauliflower steak.” Now, you can say many things about cauliflower and you can call it many things. You can even ponder if anyone would miss Read More

Peace, Love and Veganism, But No Deodorant

Nathan and I once went to a vegan restaurant with our kids where the young waiter asked us how long we’ve been vegan. When we answered “Twenty years,” and explained that our kids have been vegan since they were born, he looked astounded and said, “You guys were vegan before they knew it was safe.” We laughed, then sat patiently answering a myriad of questions: What did we eat? (The same thing most Americans do but in vegan versions). Was it hard to raise vegan kids? (It is not). How did we felt health-wise? (Great!) With his excitement and insatiable Read More

Did an Abused Monkey Pick Your Coconut?

A lot of attention has been paid within the vegan community to the terrible harm associated with the production of palm oil. With a food industry that has recently begun to move away from the use of partially hydrogenated oils in light of the serious hazard they pose to human health, the demand for trans-fat free oils has caused a boom in the palm oil industry—an industry which was already thriving given the many applications for palm oil and its derivatives in the cosmetic, cleaning supply and chemical industries, among others. Many vegans are now aware that in response to Read More

Welcome Home

Coming Soon! Welcome Home: An Animal Rights Perspective on Living with Companion Dogs & Cats Seventy-three million American families share their homes with 165 million dogs and cats. For the vast majority of people, the bond they share with their animal companions is a familial one, born of mutual affection and love. But according to the loudest voices in the American animal rights movement today, these relationships are inconsistent with the rights of those animals and amount to little more than one of “master” and “slave”: “Let us allow the dog to disappear from our brick and concrete jungles—from our firesides, Read More

What is the Value of a Life?

The Skeletons in Jennifer’s Closet Excerpted from All American Vegan. I used to work in a specialty cheese shop. I was surrounded by cheeses from around the world and I knew the unique history and characteristics of each of them. Blindfolded, I could tell the difference by smell and taste. At the tender age of 20, I was a gourmet, a bona fide connoisseur of artisan cheeses. Every day, I lived, breathed, ate, and according to my roommate, smelled like cheese. I was proud of that at one time. Even after becoming vegan, I pined for cheese. At least, I Read More

Ethical Consistency for the Vegan

When animal lovers learn about the cruelty and killing that are rampant in U.S. shelters, and that national animal protection organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) defend these shelters and thwart efforts at reform, the first and the most logical question they ask is: Why? Why are organizations which are supposed to protect animals the biggest defenders of the very shelters that systematically abuse and kill them? Over the years, shelter workers have buried animals alive, starved Read More