Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar & Izakaya

San Francisco’s newest vegan restaurant is also the Bay Area’s best. In just a few months, it has already garnered over 100 five-star reviews on Yelp and after going there for the first time, we’ll add our own. We had given up vegan sushi because nori seaweed, the traditional, dark greed seaweed used for sushi rolls, is often germinated on old oyster shells. Oysters have nerve nets and feel pain so we didn’t want to support an industry which killed the oysters to supply their shells to the nori industry. But Shizen offers soybean paper wrapped sushi rolls instead of Read More

The French Fry Detective

Sometimes you’re hungry and there are no vegan restaurants around. So you go and eat at a restaurant that is mean to animals. What’s a vegan to do? If they have vegan options, shouldn’t we support them? It’s a connendrum, conenadrum, a pickle. The Counter is one of those restaurants. They sell cows in a bun. It’s mean. But they also sell veggie burgers. The burger is vegan only, weirdly, the bun isn’t. So I got fries. I love fries. And I am on the trail of the perfect French fry. The Counter’s fries are thin, the way I like Read More

A Taste of Tomorrow, Today

Build it and they will come. The young and the old. The jet setting socialite and the hard working tradesman. They will come from near and far. And they will taste it. And they will see that it is good. So good in fact, that they will keep coming. Soon you will be building more. And even more will come. Within a few years, you’ll have seven of them and plans to go national. This is the story of Veggie Grill, a Southern California fast food vegan restaurant chain, that is quite possibly, the best vegan food anywhere, ever. We Read More