Vegan Cats

One of our frustrations about the way veganism has historically been promoted is that ready-made meat and dairy alternatives have often been downplayed in favor of vegetables. While the recent boom in vegan cookbooks that teach vegan substitution demonstrates that this is finally beginning to change, traditionally, taste and convenience have been sacrificed on the altar of health, and a version of veganism which appeals to the slimmest demographic of Americans has been the one that has historically been promoted. Tragically, while most people who attempt veganism do so for ethical reasons, when they fall off the wagon as two Read More

ASPCA Donates to Kill Chickens

The ASPCA defends animal shelters that kill animals despite readily available lifesaving alternatives. The ASPCA itself sends animals to their deaths at the city pound where it is located. When animal lovers try to reform their high-kill shelters, the ASPCA often fights them, siding with those who neglect, abuse, and kill animals in shelters. When activists in a Florida community complained that their local shelter killed despite empty cages, the ASPCA stepped in—not to help reform the shelter—but to use donor funds to buy them a new table on which to kill animals. And when legislation is introduced to stop Read More